If you’re a business or a non-profit organisation, you can’t afford not to have a solid social media presence. It’s not just about marketing great products or getting your message across, it’s actually where any potential audience/buyer first goes to find out more about you and how you tick; it’s your ‘social’ persona.

Recent research shows over 60% of respondents look up products and brands on social media before buying, with branded content on social media influencing 81% to buy a company’s product or service. Entrepreneur George Bradt once said, “People don’t buy products, they buy brands”. Social media offers the best way of building up a dedicated community who will organically become your brand ambassadors and customers. This is where we can help:


Introduction and Troubleshooting

Are you completely new to social media? Or do you require a much needed boost to your current social presence, maybe on an ad hoc basis? Perhaps you have a new launch to push? We can guide you onto the social media highway and help you navigate it. Please call for a quote.


Social Media Audit

Are you on social media already, but not getting the response you desire? Maybe you’re on the wrong platforms for your target audience? We will audit your existing channels and give you bespoke feedback on how to manage them more effectively. This can done as a written report or on a one-to-one, two-hour session basis. Prices start at £50.


Social Media Management

Tried your hand at running your social media channels but just don’t have the time to fully commit to them? After all, you have a business or organisation to run. Let us manage them for you on a daily basis. We offer a range of packages (prices per month):

One social media platform from £299.

Two social media platforms from £499.

Three social media platforms from £699.

All options include upfront development and a social media strategy plan.
If you have, say, a new product launch, we can run a targeted three-month campaign, such as a competition. Please get in touch to discuss this bespoke option further.


Social Media Training

Do you need support shaping your social media presence and have an enthusiastic in-house team already in operation? We offer workshops for individuals or groups, covering topics on ‘how to use’ social media platforms, to advanced sessions on social media strategy (building relationships with key influencers, targeting the right audiences, content marketing, key performance indicators (KPIs) etc). All training will be tailored to your ability so you get the most out of it. Please call for a quote – prices start at £50.


Copywriting and blogging

Writing and editing copy and video professionally for over 20 years, Lisa has covered news, entertainment, technology, sport, financial news and law (criminology).

Having trained at leading global news agency Thomson Reuters, where impartiality, ethics and accuracy are paramount, Lisa can write news and features in your brand’s voice, and help you edit and shape your copy for your audience. Prices start at £50.


Client Feedback

  • Lisa ran a highly successful brand awareness campaign for us, ensuring brand consistency across our social media platforms. She engaged with key influencers to produce a beautifully considered and vibrant feed on Instagram and an engaging feed on Twitter in the short time frame available. This resulted in a substantial increase in impressions and followers and higher engagement levels on both platforms. I loved working with Lisa. She made sure she understood the business, and was always open to our suggestions, carrying out her work with huge enthusiasm. She even went that step further, creating a good stock of images of our products, photographing them with a creative flair to achieve the desired effect. I really hope to work with Lisa again on the social media campaign for my new Spring/Summer 2017 collection.
    Nimy Gudka Owner, An Indian Summer
  • My chocolate is not only my business but my passion. I needed to get its unique qualities and sources across to a targeted audience on social media. Having worked with Lisa for many years in broadcast, I knew she had an great eye for great content. I was very excited to learn she was combining this expertise with strategic social media management training. Lisa audited my existing online presence and provided best practice advice for my social channels – namely, 'blog, blog, blog as fresh content is king'. I would love the opportunity to work with Lisa again to develop my brand's social presence further and see exactly where it takes me!
    Sophie MeyerOwner, The C Note Ltd.
  • “Lisa really opened our eyes to how we could reach other markets and clients using social media. She really cared about the content she created and how it could potentially grow new business opportunities. We saw substantial increases in impressions, engagement and referrals. I would not hesitate in recommending Lisa to anyone, and look forward to working with her again when the opportunity arises.”
    Zoie MillerBusiness Manager, The Moot Hall, Maldon